Yoda Voice Changer App 2022

Get the latest version of Yoda Voice Changer app from this web page. You can download Yoda Voice Changer for Android, iOS, Windows from here. A useful voice changer for your videos and online streams to make it more interesting.

Yoda Voice Changer

Before we begin with the Yoda voice changer app, there are certain which I believe, you should know about Yoda. Yoda is one of the fictional characters of the Star War Universe. Yoda appeared in the second and third original film along with in all three prequel trilogy films. His appearance has made a great impact on the fans of Star Wars Universe and thus we can state Yoda as the reason behind the success of the series.

In the recent times, the demand for the Yoda voice changer has even touched great heights and we believe that’s the reason why you are here today. Everyone wishes to sound like the Jedi Master Yoda and it is indeed fun. Making fun and jokes to your friends with his voice. Well, if your friends don’t know about Yoda, it would be waste to use this app. I too wish to be like his, wise and powerful but all I got is to sound like him. Thanks to technology to give me at least this.

Yoda Voice Changer App

In order to sound like Yoda, you need to have the AV Voice Changer Software Diamond 9. You can download it using the link we have provided below.

  1. Open the software and look for the Pitch-Timbre graph. In this, you need to set the pitch to 83% and Timbre to 126%. Apart from it, the formant pitch is to be also set at 66%. This works for most of the cases, but the change in the voice doesn’t yield proper result. So, try to shift the pitch and timbre to a different level.
  2. Use the advanced settings to improve the voice output. Simply adjust the sliders and check whether you are sounding like Yoda or not. Make the adjustment with the advance settings properly.

That’s how it is done.

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