Xbox One Voice Changer App 2022

Xbox One Voice Changer app for Android, iOS, Windows available here. You can get the latest version of Xbox One Voice Changer through the link given here. Xbox one is a gaming console that launched by Microsoft.

Xbox One Voice Changer

In the recent time, many of you have searched for Xbox one voice changer. Well, the thing is Google search will be filled with tons of YouTube video trying to help you out with providing a solution. But if we try to execute any of them, it won’t actually work. It may be some system error or maybe the trick they used never does exist. That’s the reason why we are here.

Our site is going to help you out with what you are looking forward to. Get the ultimate setup for Xbox one voice changer. It is obviously cool to sound like Darth Vader, Superman or some superhero. We all want the benefit without doing any work. But that isn’t going to work here.

Xbox One Voice Changer App

You need to put your efforts and follow the steps below in order to set up the Xbox one voice changer successfully.

  1. Get an Xbox controller adaptor for $20. This will enable you to connect the speaker and the microphone with your controller.
  2. Secondly, get a wire two ports for 3.5 mm jack. Using connect the speaker and the microphone to the Xbox controller.
  3. Now, add the Xbox one voice changer app in your Xbox one and configure the timbre-pitch graph as per the voice you want.

By the adjusting the timbre-pitch graph you get the exact voice you are looking out for. The ratio varies from voice to voice and for me it was Pitch – 67% and Timbre- 33% to sound like Darth Vader. However, in your case it may be slightly different, so make sure you get what you desire. This would definitely involve some of your hard work but it is worth a try. This process will surely not fail you.

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