Xbox 360 Voice Changer App 2022

Xbox 360 Voice Changer app is now available for Android, iOS, and Windows here. You can download the latest version of Xbox 360 Voice Changer app from this page. Xbox 360 is the gaming console that is the product of Microsoft.

Xbox 360 Voice Changer

In case, you are looking out for the best Xbox 360 voice changer setup, you are at the right place. You will definitely find many of the developers providing you with the different method to get the sound of your voice changer to some villain or geek character. However, they usually turn your hopes down and all your hard work to get the set up together becomes a waste. This indeed is not acceptable and makes you frustrated. Thus, we are here.

In today’s article, we are going to provide you the perfect setup that you need in order to sound like someone else. Out in the store, there are certain gadgets which will help you change your voice. But I am sure; you aren’t willing to spend so much on just having a voice changing tool.

Xbox 360 Voice Changer App

we bring you a cheaper way to fulfill your desire and the thing you are looking out for.

  1. In order to complete the setup, you need the microphone adaptor for Xbox 360 controller which will cost you around $20. Apart from it, get a microphone, speaker, and aux. cable.
  2. Even get an adaptor with two ports for 3.5mm jack at one side and on the other, a 3.5mm jack itself to connect it to the Xbox 360 adaptor.
  3. Connect the speaker and the aux. cable with the adaptor that is connected to the Xbox controller. Then connect another side of the aux. cable with your laptop or desktop.
  4. Connect the microphone to the laptop/Desktop and open the AV voice changer software on the laptop.
  5. Change the voice using the AV voice changer app.

This is how the Xbox 360 voice changer setup is made. This is perhaps the best of the setup for Xbox 360 voice changer that you will find in the market.

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