Optimus Prime Voice Changer App 2022

Optimus Prime Voice Changer app download links for Android, iOS, and windows available here. Get the latest Optimus Prime Voice Changer app from this page. Optimus Prime has the lead role in the film series “Transformers’. It has the strong voice and role in the movie series.

Optimus Prime Voice Changer

Optimus Prime Voice Changer app has been the greatest thing that anyone desires. I am sure you must have been looking out for this app too long. Well, with our help now you can make your voice sound like Optimus Prime, the legendary transformer. The voice changer of Optimus Prime is the ultimate solution for what you are looking out. However, there is no particular app available for Optimus Prime voice changer, so, you need to use the AV voice changer itself and configure it in such a way that it makes you sound like Optimus Prime.

Optimus Prime Voice Changer App

I believe that’s the reason why we are here. Down below, we will help you with the process on how to configure AV voice changer such that it makes you sound like Optimus Prime voice changer. Just make sure you set the things as discussed below because any error won’t give you the thing that you expect.

  1. Use the link provided below to download AV voice changer and follow the instruction we have mentioned below.
  2. Open the AV voice changer software and make sure the program status shows ‘ON’. You can find it on the right panel.
  3. After checking the status, move the cursor on the Pitch-Timbre to change the sound of your voice. Continue doing it till your voice ultimately sounds like the legendary Optimus Prime. Well, the result for me was quite impressive. The pitch and timbre which I did set for my voice was 65% and 79% and it really made me sound like Optimus Prime.

In the last step, all you need to do is select ‘POWERFUL FIVE’ in the following modules that are Voice Equalizer, Sound quality, Vowel Enhancer, and equalizer.

That’s how you need, comment down below whether this article was helpful or not.

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