Clownfish Voice Changer For iPad And iPhone

Looking for a way to use Clownfish Voice Changer on your iPad and iPhone? Let’s discuss how you can use Clownfish Voice Changer applications on your iPad and iPhone. Before starting with the actual steps of how to use Clownfish voice changer for iPad and iPhone clear all your doubts about the application. This application is the best app in the market used for voice changing. Hold on tight to the article and you will be provided with information about Clownfish voice changer on iPad and iPhone, how to use this application etc. Clownfish voice changer is a famous application that is used mostly by its owners as well as streamers. This voice changer application is the best choice. If this is how your job works with interacting with people worldwide then go ahead with this application without any confusion. Inshot Clownfish voice changer is just an application used to change the voice of the user and through this application, you can easily connect with your friends. 

How To Use Clownfish Voice Changer 

  • The step begins with downloading the Clownfish voice changer application on your devices through the official website
  • After the process of downloading is completed then you have to install this application in your system. 
  • A dialogue box will appear during the installation process which will ask you for permission to use Skype. Click on Allow and access, once you click on it. It starts appearing in your system tray on the taskbar of the window. 
  • The next step is to right-click on the system tray or the arrow icon of your taskbar where it appears. This will enable the translation button access, now select Google settings to change your language into the language you want to translate into. 
  • This is where all the changes will be done, the last step. Now you can use this application for your further use. 


  • There are sound variations of Alien, Atari, clone, mutation, female, helium, baby, radio, robot, and many more. You name it and the variation or effect is available at Clownfish voice changer. You can even create your audio effects with this application. 
  • Clownfish voice changer completely gives you control over the background noise and helps to prevent the noises from interrupting your meeting or discussion. 
  • You can even change your voice in the text as well as vice versa. Whatever you speak can be converted into a text and whatever the text is can be converted into a voice it’s that simple.
  • Even if you want to add a specific sound at a specific time, the Clownfish voice changer has the feature available for you. 

Who Can Use Clownfish

When it comes to defining the domain under which Clownfish voice changer will be most profitable it’s difficult to answer. Difficult because Clownfish voice changer can be beneficial to every person from serious meeting discussion and conference work to franking with voice changes. All the Clownfish voice changer works best if you are a gamer. A gamer can simply connect this application with your headphone and mic and play whatever favorite game you want to play. Fortnite, PUBG, all these games required to talk with your friends. You can make sounds that will be different and that will make your day much more interesting and make a good impression of yours. 

About Clownfish App iOS For iPad And iPhone

Don’t worry even if you have an iOS system for iPad and iPhone. This app works the same as it will work with any Android or Windows system. Even if you are taking a live discussion or a conference, Clownfish voice changer will enable you to change your voice to sound distinctive. This app will help you to empower immediately and make your voice sound in a live discussion. The voice can be changed to like that of an opposite gender, robots, toons, and various others. Name all the various types of variations and effects, and you will get them. If you don’t get them, then you can make effects on your own. Clownfish voice changer will save a lot of your time you don’t have to spend around making any additional presentations at that very emergency point. Clownfish voice changer is at your rescue. 


Hope this article was useful in disseminating all the information related to how to use Clownfish voice changer in the iOS system. There are times when you are using iPads and iPhones which makes it a big confusion whether to install and use such applications or not. Clownfish voice changer is safe and works smoothly over other applications such as discord Skype and other gaming applications. Hence it can be concluded that Clownfish voice changer is completely reliable in terms of the iOS system. 

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