Clownfish Voice Changer For PC

Are you looking for a voice changer app for your PC? Do you want to install the best app that will facilitate the voice-changing and give additional features than just that? Then, you have come to the right place to know about such an application and that is the clownfish voice changer app. This app comes in different versions for different systems and operating systems. There is a different version for android mobile phones, MAC or IOS operating system, and there is a different version available for PCs and Laptops.  Your PC can have any operating system like Windows or MAC and there are different versions of the app for them.

Clownfish voice-changing app provides the facility to change your voice by increasing or decreasing the pitch, adding some sound effect while playing games, streaming online, and sometimes for any interactive conversation. Professional online game players or streamers mostly use PCs and systems of PCs to play or stream in the best quality so it is good to have a version of the voice-changing app installed for the same. This article will discuss everything about the clownfish voice-changing app for PC.

Features Of Clownfish Voice Changer App For PC

It is always good to have information about any app before installing it on your computer system and syncing it with your device. The features and specifications of the clownfish app will let you know why this app is among the best voice-changing apps.

  • The Clownfish Voice-Changer app allows you to change your voice to more than one sound and facilitate several voice-changing options for free such as female pitch, male pitch, Atari, Alien, Fast, slow, robot, clone, and many more. You can choose any of the options among these many options to change your voice. Also, you can switch to different sound effects in one single recording while recording for real-time.
  • If you are searching for a voice-changing app especially for playing online games or online streaming then the feature is all you want with a voice-changer app. The clownfish voice-changer app provides the option to adjust the background noise. Also, it provides the option of adding background music to the recording.
  • If you play or talk to people belonging to different regions of the world then this feature will interest you a lot. The clownfish voice changer app gives a language translator for the text message. So, you can connect to as many people as you want without worrying about the language barrier.
  •  The application also comes with additional useful features such as a music player, an in-built spell checker, etc.

How To Install The Clownfish Voice Changer App For PC?

The installation process is very easy for the clownfish voice changer app for PC. You can download and install the application by following three steps only.

Step1. The first step is to find the correct link for downloading the file of the clownfish voice-changer app. Before downloading, you must check whether your PC has a 32-bit processor or a 64-bit processor. There are two different links for these two options. If you download the wrong file then the app will not work due to compatibility issues. Also, there are different links for Mac and windows.

Step2. Once, you have downloaded the correct file, the next step is to install the application on your PC. For this, simply double-click on the downloaded file and click on the install option. After that, just follow the instructions on your PC and try to choose all the default options.

Step3. Now that you have installed the app on your system, you can use the application as per your need and preference.

How To Use The Application On Your PC?

Now that you have downloaded the application on your system and installed it already, all that is left is the procedure to use it. To use the application, you will need to grant necessary permissions to the app so that it can record and save audio.

  • When you install the clownfish voice-changer application on your PC, some of the permission is already given to the app such as

-storage location

-access to few apps already installed on your PC, etc.

  • The app asks for other permissions when you open the app for the first time such as

-access to the microphone

-access to network portal

-access to the storage, etc

  • To use this application with other apps, you will need to sync it with all those apps. You can easily sync clownfish to different apps such as Discord to change your voice whenever you want to.

Final Words

Most of the professional online game players and online streamers use PCs and if you need a voice-changing app while playing or streaming, the clownfish voice-changer app is the best. Several good features support why you should go for this application. It is easy to download and install and more easy to use.

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