Clownfish Voice Changer not working | {100% Working Method}

When it comes to the process of the voice translating applications, the clownfish voice changer is on the top compared to the other applications. These are applications that turn out to work really very great when it comes to the communication platforms like skype and the others. Hence it is even today been trusted by various organizations and individuals who wish to have this software. Some of the reasons that most individuals even today turn out to face and say that their clownfish voice changer is not at all working.


So In case the you are still facing issues with the clownfish voice changer not working issue, and wondering on how exactly you can go ahead and fix it. Then I am here to help you. In this article today I will here be talking about on how you can fix the clownfish voice changer issue of not working.

ClownFish not working – Working solution Step by step:

One of the best things about this problem is that Microsoft came forward and helped us by responding to the issues. And according to them, the computers without the SSE2 instructions cannot turn out to be compatible when it comes to the new version of skype. And in other words, if Instagram is not compatible to your computer then there are lot many other features for you that might not come.

SSE2 stands for Streaming SIMD Extension 2. And this is something that is compatible with almost all the CPUs in the market. In case if you are having an older CPU then it is always good to check the version of skype being installed on the computer. And as said that Microsoft is not compatible to the new version of skype.

  • You will have to launch the skype application on your computer.
  • Once done click on your profile picture located on the top left side of the window.
  • You will then get to see a new window popping up and from here you have to select about this version from the above-mentioned options.
  • You will here find the version of skype. Before downloading just check if it is the latest version. And in case its not the latest version please uninstall it and have the lower version installed on your computer. 

Installing Microphone in clownfish:

Clownfish takes the inputs from the users and then has the microphone installed on the device. It then goes ahead and changes the voice output and forwards further. This is what clownfish changer does. 

Clownfish might not turn out to perform their job correctly because of the microphone. There might be chances that microphone is being installed in a wrong manner. As a result, it’s not getting the input and is failing to complete the given job. One of the best ways you can go ahead and install this is by reinstalling the microphone. Now how do you do this. Well there are a few steps that you will have to follow.

  • Install the clownfish app from your computer and right from the task bar.
  • Then click on the icon and go ahead and have a set up done.
  • Over here you will then get a see a bunch of different modules that will help you change your voice at ease. Then just select any one of them and then click install.
  • Once done restart your computer and check out if you have actually resolved the issues or not.

Update Clownfish:

In the end you can go ahead and update your clownfish. Clownfish has been facing a really very hard time in keeping themselves updated, along with the services that it has been providing like Discord or Skype. Hence, they will also have to roll out the frequent updates in order to solve all the miss compatibility issues and the bugs. So, it’s always good when you have the clownfish being updated checking if each and everything is right or not.


So, if your clownfish voice changer has not been working, then go ahead, and try the below given steps in order to see how these things have been working for you. Also, for any questions feel free to connect with us.

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