Best Voice Changer For The Discord In 2023

Are you looking for the best voice changers for Discord? Is it hard to find a perfect voice change that supports all the applications running on your device? Is it getting difficult to find a voice changer that can support discord? If yes, then your search ends here.

This article will provide you a list of all the Voice Changer applications for Discord. Discord is one of the best chat service platforms which has enormous features to connect with your friends through text chat as well as voice chat services provided by discord.

Considering if you are a gamer or you just stream live and connect yourself with lots of people all over the globe then there are chances that you must know about the Discord. But in case you are no gamer and have no interest in streaming live but all you want to know about is a voice changing service. Then yes this article is not just for using voice-changing services in discord. This article provides a list of the best voice-changing applications whatever your reason for using them is. 

Why Use Voice Changer?

There are many gamers and streamers who use Voice changing apps when streaming online. Many people use Voice changer for talking to other people. So what’s the reason to use the Voice Changer application? There are many people out there who can misuse your original voice. Hence lots of people change their voice while using such platforms to maintain privacy and safety. Also some of them do this just for fun not specifically for any reason such as privacy or security. There are various other reasons which might hand down for using voice-changing applications. 

List Of Voice Changers For Discord

Given below is a small list of applications or software which can be used to change your voice while streaming to discord are listed down below- 


This application is a famous voice-changing application. It is used to change your voice while you are connected to Discord. It not only gives you lots of variety of invoices but is also very easy to use for any non-technical person. This application can be easily used with any voice chat service which includes Skype, PUBG, Fortnite, Google chat, and so on. The feature that makes this application stand out is very natural and comes in touch with the voice when the setting is done properly. 


  • Availability of tons of voices.
  • More natural sound effects.
  • It has a free version.
  • Supports video chat services such as discord Skype and many more.
  • Very easy to understand, and can be easily used by a non-technical person. 


  • There are a few features and effects on the voices that do not respond all the time.
  • All the supported platforms for this application are windows.

AV Voice Changer Software 

This is another famous voice-changing application that is available to provide lots of fun while playing games. This application can be used to change your voice not only just in real-time but you can also record your voice and edit it more naturally. This makes the voice natural as well as funny and you can directly use that voice for earning. Some YouTubers want to change their voices so you can use an AV voice changer to record your voice and then add it according to your choice. The main feature that highlights AV voice changer applications is the access and modification characteristic given for point-to-point editing of your voice. 


  • An option to record your voice and edit it.
  • There is advanced virtual driver Technology. 
  • Compatible with VOIP programs


  • It has only a free trial. You have to pay to use this software. 

Clownfish Voice Changer

This is the best and the most famous voice-changing application that is used in gaming fields as well as chat services. 

It has about 15 + voices by default with a customizable voice feature. It can be installed on any device but a system-level package has to be checked. 


  • It has a good collection of effects.
  • It is easy to use and set up.
  • Has the feature to record your voice and then change it according to your needs. 


  • There is an interface that is old-fashioned and very boring. But overall the features are great. 


Hope this article provides you with all the information about the best voice changing services available in the year 2022. Although there are several voice-changing services available, you will have to look for the best. All the voice changing applications mentioned in this article are the most reviewed Voice changing applications.

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