Clownfish voice changer best settings in 2022

If you are reading this article then most probably you must have already installed the application on your device and now you want to learn the best settings for this application so that it can work with its best performance. But still, for the introduction, the Clownfish voice-changer application is an app available for all types of devices that can be downloaded from some website. This application allows you to change your voice during playing online games, online streaming, and just for a voice conversation if you want to use it so. 

This article will cover everything you would like to know about the application such as its features and how to install it on your particular device and at last we will discuss the best setting for this application. 

Features of Clownfish voice-changer application 

To know the app’s best setting, you must know the features of the application first. If you are an old user of this application then you must be already aware of most of its features and how to use them. But if you are a new user then you should go through this section of the article to know all the best features of the Clownfish voice changer app.

  • Staring with one of its common features for which the app is developed, this application provides you with many sound-changing voices that you will love to use while talking on a  group voice-chat or while streaming online and talking to your followers. These sounds include Alien, Atari, Robot, fast mutation, slow mutation, high pitched, low pitched, baby sound, helium, etc.
  • Now, talking about one of its best features is that you can sync the application with much other voice chatting apps available or already installed on your device and use it to change your voice in whichever effect you want to use it that is provided by clownfish voice-changer app for free.
  • One of the best features of this application is that you can change your text language while sending it to someone. This feature comes in handy when you are interacting with people living in different parts of the world. This feature is very helpful for global online game players and online streamers.
  •  The application allows you to control the background noise so you can enjoy this application at its best.
  • The application is very much easy to be used by anyone and then are no age restrictions for this app to be used by.
  • The app comes in different versions for different types of devices. Like, there is a different version for the android users and different for mac/ Chromebook/ Windows users.
  • Most of the features that are provided by the application are for free and once, you will install the application and start using it, you will know how much handy it is.

How to install clownfish voice changer application?

The application has two different versions for android and mac/windows or Chromebook. 

  • If you want to install the application on an android device then simply download it from its official website and install it on your device. 
  • Similarly, to download it on Chromebook or mac, or windows, simply download the application and install it in your desired location.

How to use this application?

This application is as easy to use as it is to install. But still, if you need any guide regarding the usage of this application then here are few tips.

  • The moment you open the app after installation, it asks for a few permissions that are necessary for its work such as access to the microphone, to the storage, etc.
  • Simply, right-click on the app’s icon on the system tray and click on “Select voice Changer”. 
  • After selecting this, many voice changing options will pop up immediately and you can select any voice changing effect that you want to use. 

Best Settings for Clownfish Voice Changer App in 2022

  • The application eases your task by giving you an option to just write the text and it gives you an invoice of that text. For this, you will have to open the application and do it from there.
  • Clownfish voice-changer for mac or Chromebook allows the recording and saves it for you. Now, you can listen to them anytime you want to.
  • One of the settings is to sync your application with other voice chatting or video chatting application to take it advantages in as many applications you can.
  • The inbuilt spell checker of this application ease your text writing and you do not need any additional app for that
  • There are more than 14 voice effects but the application allows you to even manipulate them and customize them according to you by setting pitches and wavelengths of these voices. 

Final Words

The clownfish voice-changing app is one of the best applications that are developed to change the voice. This application is easy to install and use. In addition to it, it comes with many features that make it the best voice-changing app. Also, you can do setting in this app to take the best advantage of it. 

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